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The Distillery

Portavadie Distillery will consist of a Distillery, bonded warehouse and a visitor centre.

The Build
The build of the complex is underway although the Pollphail village needs to be demolished which in itself, is a huge task. The site has complexities around environmental issues such as our pet bats, who will also need to have a home built for them. They will act as our eco-friendly midge controllers.

We are working with a young team of talented designers at Darren Baird Architecture. This young team has great imagination and will bring a fresh approach to this exciting project. You can see some of their ideas on the above pictures, as more plans become available we will share these with visitors to the website.

The Stills
The actual stills have not been chosen yet as it is a very costly part of the project and we have to ensure we specify the right stills for the product, the environment and business.

The visitor centre and the distillery will be fuelled by our own biomass plant from our own sustainable forest and every effort will be made to maintain an Eco-Friendly project from the build to everyday operations. All bi-products from the distillery will be reused. The bi-products from the distilling will be re-used utilising the services of a third party to turn the waste into usable fuel and other products.

Tourism and the local community
Our unique location on Loch Fyne will have appeal as a tourist attraction for both visitors from the UK and overseas. Also, it will generate local jobs within the distillery and the visitors centre.
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